History of Alpha Kappa Psi

Prior to 1900, schools of business had been established at the University of Pennsylvania, The University of Chicago, and the University of California. However, business still was not widely recognized as a formal field of professional study. Thus, when New York University announced in 1900 that it would open an evening school for instruction in commerce, accounts, and finance, the announcement was received with doubt throughout the country. The doubt manifested, and the need for student loyalty to support these new ideas was a major reason for the founding of Alpha Kappa Psi.

The class that entered New York University in the fall of 1902, four years after the first of the new degrees had been awarded by the university, included some special students, men of vision. The Fraternity’s Founders attended classes together five nights a week. Occupying the same seats nightly, they quickly became well acquainted with one another. Four men from Brooklyn, later known as the “Brooklyn Four,” walked home from school together over the Brooklyn Bridge and discussed the need for an organization. The spirit of brotherhood grew so strong in the hearts and minds of the men from Brooklyn, that early in their second year, they decided to suggest to other members of their class that something be done to formalize and perpetuate it. Alpha Kappa Psi, the first professional fraternity in business, was founded at an organizational meeting held on October 5, 1904. In the Spring of 1905, formal application was made to the State of New York for a charter of incorporation for Alpha Kappa Psi. The application was approved, and the charter of incorporation for our Alpha chapter was officially issued in the name of Alpha Kappa Psi on May 20, 1905.

Chapter History

Spring 2003, Chrissy Vasquez, then expansion coordinator, visited the University of North Texas campus with information on starting a new chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business fraternity. In March 2003 the first colonists were pinned and so began the colonization process to brotherhood. These colonists were known as the University of North Texas Colony. After seven months of completing all requirements set by the national expansion committee the Chi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi was formed in November 2003.